Fixing Your Period:

Your Guide to Menstrual Freedom

Your periods don't have to suck! 

Fixing Your Period is a self-paced online course created by two licensed midwives that will help take you from menstrual drudgery to relief and restoration.

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Where You Are 

Have you been told, after discussing a bothersome period symptom (or ten?!) that it was normal?

That periods are supposed to be terrible?

Have you found yourself researching for hours, yet coming up empty handed in terms of a way forward?

Have you tried to solve your period problems in the past, yet felt defeated with the lack of change?

Have you ever thought you'd have to throw in the towel and live the rest of your life with these debilitating issues?!

We see you. We hear you. And we have created a way out of this cycle and into empowered freedom.


What You Need Is...

Root Cause Treatment

Bandaids are nice, but true systemic healing is best. Get to the bottom of your problems and implement lasting change.

Symptom Focused

Learn how to tackle your specific symptoms and create relief from within. True change lies in our tracking tools and support plans.

Comprehensive Support

A guidebook resource with lifestyle suggestions, supplement protocols, and symptom management regimens to support you in your journey.

Where You Are Going

You want easier periods, relief from the symptoms that have been clinging so closely. You want to say goodbye to the debilitating cramps, the intense mood swings, the annoying acne, the taunting of an irregular cycle.

Imagine recognizing a symptom and knowing exactly what to do about it. Say goodbye to the headspace taken up by thinking "is something wrong with me?" each month. Ditch the aimless googling and give yourself access to concise information and an action plan.

The satisfaction gained from influencing change on your body, bringing yourself into wellness, and being a connected and proactive woman is palpable. The best part is that it is all yours for the taking. 

This course is for you.

Take Me to Freedom!
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Who We Are

We are two licensed homebirth midwives, wives, moms, friends, and period having ladies. We work with women who are looking for a personalized approach to their wellness by giving attention to the complex aspects of feminine health so that women experience healing from the inside out. Through in-person care in our office, our women's health podcast, and now this online course we find a passion in offering alternative solutions to common female health issues that leave the woman in the driver seat of her care so that she can make the decisions that are truly best for her.

We Believe In A 3 Step Approach 


Allow yourself space to reconnect with and honor your body as you learn what it is trying to tell you and why. 


Discover suggestions that will make the fastest and longest lasting impact for your particular symptoms.


Feel empowered while you put yourself back in control of your health as you track real change over time. 

Caitlin R.

"I had a discuss getting off birth control, tracking my periods and overall health. Tiffany was so wonderful! She made me feel welcome, comfortable, she listened, and offered helpful suggestions. I left feeling educated and empowered. I would absolutely recommend their well women care to anyone!"



As much as you may want something different, it can also feel scary to take on something new- or maybe to take on something again after what has felt like so many failed attempts. As your guides towards menstrual freedom, we will help you cut through the noise and bring you clearly through to the other side, one self-paced step at a time. 


WIth the purchase of this course, this courageous and empowered first step, you are investing not just in information, but in your health, in your well-being, and in your ability to influence change in your life. Unfortunately, we know not investing in these things ends up costing us more in the long run as problems continue to snowball and mount higher as we feel the rising cost physically and emotionally. 


The time for change is now, friend!


For only $97 you can begin your journey into freedom.


You are worth investing in. Yes, you! 

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Menstrual Liberation by Module

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Personalized Plans + Resources To Guide You All The Way Through To The End

Rachel P.

"I could not have asked for more supportive, informational, friendly, and helpful women’s wellness care from Kelly and Tiffany! They are passionate about what they do... Kelly and Tiffany offer wonderful alternatives for a whole host of women’s health concerns. They helped me find an alternative to hormonal birth control. Kelly and Tiffany go above and beyond to support their clients."

Information Sharing, Hope Giving 


Years ago when we entered midwifery school and were exposed to new ways of supporting women, the depth of options in women's health care, and were exposed to incredible tools to support the whole system: we both began to wonder: WHY did it take so long for us to gain access to this information?! It's not secret, it's not only for "some" people to have, it is empowerment and it is YOURS for the having! 

Now as licensed midwives, every week we see women in our office complaining of those same symptoms we experienced, the same ones you are walking through now, who are searching for true freedom but feel stuck. They don't want a bandaid for their symptoms, they want to be heard and they want real healing. After sharing this information via our women's health podcast for the last few years, we began to see the distinct need for a focused course that helps women discover the art of listening to their bodies, understanding the language of their symptoms, and walking into whole-body wellness. 

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  • Self-Paced
  • Symptom-Focused
  • Clear steps for relief and healing
  • 90 days of follow-up
  • Guidebook resource included with supplement regimens, lifestyle suggestions, and labwork panels
  • Forever access: watch it again and again
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We Can't Wait To Celebrate Your Freedom! 

Join us in celebration of YOU! You are prioritizing your health and wellness, you have some big and small wins ahead, and you are about to take a bold leap towards personal empowerment and freedom!

We know it is possible for you to find long-lasting relief and thrive in your body! 

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