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A monthly membership experience designed to bring the midwifery model of care to every stage of womanhood through alternative health solutions that empower every woman to live a life of abundant wellness.

Let's Do This Together

This is For You


  • Do you desire a greater knowledge of holistic remedies but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you want to bring more natural tools into your home, knowing instantly what is safe and effective?

  •  Are you frustrated with the high cost of 1:1 holistic health care, thinking being more natural shouldn’t sacrifice such a huge part of your budget?

  •  Are you overwhelmed with the amount of online research needed to tackle the simplest health concerns naturally?

  •  Do you have the desire to treat basic health issues from home but lack the tools and confidence to know where to start?

What you need is...

Comprehensive and Integrative Support

Regular access to holistic health professionals that are on your team and believe in your goals

Practical and Expert Guidance

Confidently respond to your health concerns from home, without all the research and stress

Accountability and Motivation

Prioritize your own wellbeing as a means to feeling your best and serving those around you better

Natural and Effective Protocols

Treat common women’s health issues that grow both your natural remedy arsenal & holistic intuition

Let's Get There Together


  • You want an affordable way to be all-in on taking better care of yourself, so that you can sustainably adopt healthier ways of living.
  • Imagine the relief of having one single place to gather education and support for female health issues, simplifying the path towards a more natural lifestyle.
  • Imagine being so connected to what is happening in your body that you can respond to what it needs before it causes a single symptom.
  • Say goodbye to days ruled by constant guessing of how to break the cycle of inflammation, low energy and toxic burdens on your body and mind.
  • The satisfaction gained from mastering some of nature’s most effective tools is palpable. 


This is finally your time lady, your hand is on the door that opens into the freedom to be at home in your body.

Count Me In

The Time for Restoration and Balance is Now

Who We Are 


We are Kelly + Tiffany. Your homebirth midwife duo, natural health advocates and fierce lovers of the family and all things home. We are passionate about alternative care that puts control rightfully back into the hands of women.

We work with busy moms who are looking for a personalized approach to their holistic health so that they can show up better for their own families with more energy and infectious joy. We provide the integrative knowledge, natural resources and sisterly inspiration for women to own their health journeys.

We know from serving hundreds of women over the past 12 years as holistic care providers that healthy moms make happy families. We’ve learned that teaching a more simplified approach to female wellness creates space for moms to not only get relief from life-interrupting symptoms, but empowerment to respond to future challenges with confidence.

You are already qualified to be an expert in your own health, we want to place the tools on your path that will make the most of your desire for greater balance inside and out.

The 3 Foundations Defining Our Philosophy of Health 

You Are Capable

Women are more than capable of taking the reins when it comes to their own health, when they are empowered and have the right support.

You Are Not Broken

Women are not not broken, their bodies are simply begging to be taken out of the system that neglects and dismisses her as a whole person in need of a holistic approach to health.

You Are Innately Wise

Female bodies are innately wise, designed to heal themselves and function optimally when we learn to listen and give them what they need. 

You Can Feel at Home in Your Body 


Years ago when we first opened our midwifery practice we were shocked that we had almost as many well-woman clients as pregnant clients. Women were coming in droves seeking out treatment alternatives for common health issues after rejecting conventional medication and surgical options offered to them in different care settings.  


We began partnering with women in all seasons of life and seeing lasting success in treating everything from infertility to endometriosis, chronic migraines to menopausal hot flashes. We came to discover that most women silently suffer with some type of imbalance issue that can often be remedied simply with better education and support. 


Even now, we receive emails every day from women complaining that something feels “off”, and sometimes it has been that way for a very long time. The same questions you are asking right now, “where are the affordable and effective natural solutions?” is being asked by hundreds of other women searching for confidence in alternatives. They don't want a bandaid for their symptoms, they want to be heard and they want real healing. 


After experiencing success after success in our clinic over the last 5 years, we began to see the distinct need for a centralized database of education that can help women discover the art of listening to their bodies, understanding the language of their symptoms, and walking into whole-body wellness. 


I Am So Ready

Join The Ladies Who Have Experienced Our Support

Brooke A.

“I can’t recommend Kelly and Tiffany enough. I really appreciate  that they are evidenced based in their practice and they empowered me to make my own well-informed decisions. I never felt pressured and they truly tailored their care to my unique needs.” 

Daelynn R.

I love these midwives' hearts and the consideration that they give specifically to each unique client. All of their resources also - wow. I keep coming back to read or listen to what these ladies have to offer — they truly care about all women’s health- and shine a light on so many topics that we need to be aware of.” 

Rachel P.

"I could not have asked for more supportive, informational, friendly, and helpful women’s wellness care from Kelly and Tiffany! They are passionate about what they do. They offer wonderful alternatives for a whole host of women’s health concerns. They helped me find an alternative to hormonal birth control."

Annie T.

“I took the Beautiful One course on vaginal infections and learned so much that I have already passed onto my young daughters. Multiple prescriptions had not worked for me, and I was so grateful for the support of the course. Kelly and Tiffany’s excitement for women's health is intoxicating and inspiring.”


Caitlin R.

"I had a visit to discuss getting off birth control, tracking my periods and overall health. Tiffany was so wonderful! She made me feel welcome, comfortable, she listened, and offered helpful suggestions. I left feeling educated and empowered. I would absolutely recommend their well women care to anyone!"

Investment of



  • Access to all our holistically informed courses, protocols, guides and content
  • Monthly check-ins with the midwives and other community members
  • Community forum for asking questions and sharing victories
  • Accessible holistic health support
Yes, I Need This

This is For You

  • Do you desire cleaner living but lack the time and planning needed to make true changes?

  •  Have you recently resorted to a medical remedy only because you didn’t know the natural thing that would work?

  •  Do you see the connection between natural medicine and a simpler way of living but feel stuck in how to implement the changes you want?

  •  Have you been told, after discussing a bothersome health symptom (or ten?!) that it was normal? Or all in your head?

  •   Have you ever thought you'd have to throw in the towel and live the rest of your life enslaved to modern medicine?

  •   Are you looking to balance your hormones for long lasting health?

Frequently Asked Questions

It's Like You're Already Here


We can’t be the only ones who believe this is *the* exact level of support you have been waiting for, right?! There is no better time than now to step into a future season of physical and mental freedom. We are already celebrating! You are prioritizing your health and wellness, you have some big and small wins ahead, and you are about to take a bold leap towards feeling at home in your body.

We know it is possible for you to find long-lasting joy in your health, and thrive!


We can't wait to celebrate your victories with you,


Kelly + Tiffany

Let's Do This Together