Vaginal Infection

Home Treatment Manual: 

Understanding, Treating and Preventing Common Vaginal Infections

A self-paced online course created by two licensed midwives that will take you from imbalance to restoration, inside and out.

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Are you exhausted after dealing with recurrent yeast infections?

Are you tired of UTIs showing up and knocking you out?

Are you ready to get off the antibiotic carousel and get to the root cause of your problems? 

Are you looking to balance your vaginal flora for long lasting health?

Have you ever thought you'd have to give up trying and accept these debilitating issues?

We see you. We hear you. And we have created a way for you to get out of this cycle and step into empowered healing.

What You Need...

Root Cause Holistic Treatment

 Bandaids are nice, but true systemic healing is what will bring lasting balance. Get to the root of your problems and implement real change.

Natural + Effective Protocols 

Access to our detailed  supplement and herbal protocols aimed to treat common infections like yeast and UTIs.

Comprehensive Support

guidebook filled with lifestyle recs, specific protocols, DIY recipes, and symptom tracking to support you on your journey.

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Freedom is Ahead


Imagine recognizing a symptom and knowing exactly what to do about it, from your own home!

Imagine how much freedom there is to be gained by preventing these issues in the first place?

Say goodbye to the antibiotic carousel, ditch the aimless googling and give yourself access to concise information and an action plan.

The satisfaction gained from influencing change on your body, bringing yourself into wellness, and being a connected and proactive woman is palpable.

The best part is that it is all yours for the taking. 

This course is for you. Welcome.

This Is For Me!

Who We Are

We are Kelly and Tiffany, two licensed homebirth midwives, wives, moms, friends, and ladies who have dealt with these very same issues you are here to solve! 

We work with women who are looking for a personalized approach to their wellness by giving attention to the complex aspects of feminine health so that women experience healing from the inside out.

Through in-person care in our office, our women's health podcast, and now online courses we find a passion in offering alternative solutions to common female health issues that leave the woman in the driver seat of her care so that she can make the decisions that are truly best for her and experience true physical healing.

I Am Ready!

An Investment In Your Health And Happiness

For The Launch Price of only $20, you'll get forever access to:

+This detailed course on understanding, treating and avoiding common vaginal infections from home

+A guidebook filled with specific treatment protocols and lifestyle suggestions curated by two licensed midwives with years of experience treating these infections holistically

+How to support your support your system when antibiotics are needed

+Home suppository how-to for kicking yeast

+Vaginal steaming instructions for common infections

+Easy, safe swap guide for choosing products to help create vaginal health balance

+Symptom tracking journal to help you follow your journey and record your wins

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We Can't Wait to Celebrate!


Join us in celebration of YOU! You are prioritizing your health and wellness, you have some big and small wins ahead, and you are about to take a bold leap towards personal empowerment and freedom!

We know it is possible for you to find long-lasting relief and thrive in your body! 


Yours in Vaginal Health and Happiness,

Kelly + Tiffany